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Due to an emergency situation at our office that is out of our control,
we will NOT be seeing patients at our Ranch Drive location.
Effective immediately, we will be seeing patients for care at:

Wellness Revolution
13401 Chenal Parkway
Little Rock, AR 72211
Phone: (501)821-6934

Precision Chiropractic & Wellness Will Exceed Your Expectations

Want To Live Life To The Fullest? Let Us Help You!

Your health impacts every area of your life. Are you struggling with health issues? We want to help.

Are you seeking an alternative to traditional medicine? You’ve found it! We won’t just treat the symptoms, we’ll help get to the root of your problems. Let us educate you on your body’s natural healing capacity.

“Our goal is to help you become a healthier person so you can
live your life to the fullest.”

Little Rock Chiropractor Cares for Your Kids Too

Chiropractic is a natural path to health for you
and your family. Bring your kids! “We love to
care for our young patients, and they love
knowing we won’t poke them with needles.”

From infant constipation to asthma and allergies,
many childhood issues benefit from chiropractic
care, enabling your kids to look forward to a
healthier future.

Take Your First Step Toward Wellness

Have you hit a roadblock with your health
issues? Consider your options and give
chiropractic a try. Dr. Jessica Dziurkowski
would love to see you.

Call our office to schedule an appointment
or a free consultation. It’s the first step
toward health and wellness.

Dedicated to providing Chiropractic
Care to the Little Rock, Maumelle,
Roland, Bryant, Hillcrest and
The Heights area.