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Meet Little Rock Chiropractor, Dr. Jessica Dziurkowski


Meet Little Rock Chiropractor,
Dr. Jessica Dziurkowski

From Humble Upbringings To Health And Happiness Via Chiropractic

I am blessed each day to hear incredible testimonies from patients and parents who explain how chiropractic wellness care has changed their lives. The results we get with chiropractic care continues to amaze me. It is my mission each day to serve endlessly in an effort to provide that same opportunity for an amazing life and optimal health to the community of Little Rock!

Honored To Be Serving Families In Little Rock

Back in my first year of college, I realized that my purpose is to serve others through health care. I took a job doing direct care for mentally disabled individuals and it changed my life. The gratitude expressed on the faces of those clients is unforgettable. I was able to make a tremendous impact on their daily lives, by simply doing my “job”. It filled my heart with love and led me to where I am today. I can remember calling my mom and explaining to her how unbelievably rewarding it was to serve those individuals and empower them to live a better life. After completing my Bachelors in Science I became absolutely fascinated with the intelligence within our bodies, how we heal and how we function and found my career as a Doctor of Chiropractic. In 2009, I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. I chose chiropractic because it is the most effective, safe, and natural way for the body to heal, without having to utilize medications or invasive procedures. I am honored to be serving families in Little Rock each day. Everyone deserves the opportunity to express health and live life to their God given potential!

with husband, Nicholas

Dr. Jessica Dziurkowski and her husband Nicholas

Natural Living Is A Way Of Life

My own health is a top priority and I get adjusted each week in order to maintain optimal performance. I strive each day to live well with proper nutrition and regular exercise to promote overall health. The word doctor means “teacher” and I am a firm believer in leading by example for my patients, my family and my community. I am determined to see that my community has the same opportunity for abundant health and optimal function, with chiropractic wellness care. My husband and I are nature enthusiasts and enjoy spontaneous adventures. We stay active with hiking, biking, fishing, hunting and exploring all that there is to love in The Natural State. I also enjoy cooking, painting and photography. We have two sweet schnauzers, Ole and Kona.

Dedicated To Serving Each And Every Patient

I am so grateful to have an extremely family-friendly office and team that loves to serve all ages. I make it a priority to empower through education and inspire my patients to live their best life. I love speaking to groups, organizations, and businesses in the community on the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. I have made it my mission to get to know each and every patient in my office and I celebrate with them when the begin seeing their quality of life improve! I am dedicated to serving each and every patient as though they are my own family member. If you are wanting to experience life at its best, stop “just getting by”  and start truly living the life you deserve.





Experience Dr. Jessica’s passion for your health and wellness first-hand by calling (501) 868-3500 to schedule an appointment.